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Aerospace and Aircraft Design Classifications : Years 2010 - 2016

• Aerospace and Aircraft Designers are ranked based on the number of awards won.
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Rank   Country Awards Score Average
1 Bruno Giardino Italy 1 3 - - - 1 - 3.00

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About Aerospace and Aircraft Design Classifications: The list above shows the best designers in Aerospace and Aircraft Design Category, worldwide. The number one spot on this list is therefore the Worlds'' Best Aerospace and Aircraft Designer. If you wish to see the best countries in this design category, please click here to check the World Design Rankings' Design Business Insights for Aerospace and Aircraft Design.

The convention used by the DAC is to sort by the number of platinum medals the designers have earned. In the event of a tie in the number of platinum design awards, the number of gold design awards is taken into consideration, and then the number of silver, bronze and iron medals.  

DAC - Design Classifications 2010 - 2016, Database and Copyrights Reserved. The data is based on number of design accolades received from the A' Design Award and Competitions.